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Colin Wilkinson

Streets of Liverpool

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Thanks for the positive comments. I will be updating most days (at least five times a week). I have over 5000 photos to get through - so it will take time. Please add comments - critical or otherwise. If you can add information, please do. The idea is to fill in missing gaps about both Liverpool and its photographers/photography. There is a need for some serious research and I will keep on posing questions that I hope you can answer.
Liverpool is lucky as a city in having some superb archives (in the Record Office, Museum and elsewhere). Many of these archives 'belong' to us as taxpayers/rates payers and it is important that they are made as accessible as possible. I feel, as a private collector, that the same principle applies. I hate the idea of hoarding away information that is important to understanding the city's history.

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  1. Debra's Avatar
    Thanks Colin , i have enjoyed your photo's , and look forward to more ..
  2. Ged's Avatar
    My sentiments exactly Colin. Keep em' coming, your threads are always informative.
  3. wsteve55's Avatar
    Great stuff,keep it coming!
  4. lisner's Avatar
    hi colin have u any pics of kew street vauxallroad or scotland road 1930s im looking for taveners sweet factory or shop before they whent to beech street regards lisner