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Earl Nightingale once said that "Our attitude towards life will determine the life attitude towards us.” Gold sentence was submitted in another way by Helen Keler who said "Optimism is the confidences that accompany your achievement. There's nothing you can do without hope and confidence. "

People are always thinking positive is that successful people, they fill his life with great hope and confidence, otherwise people tend to think negatively often face many obstacles with no way out, make his life ended at the end of a dead end.

Optimistic, keeps us going, keep working to find better ways and better. Pessimist makes us stop and give up.

Open to criticism makes us richer, more and know and be able to see the intended direction. Closed to criticism made our darkness, baying closed-shadow, taking the wrong road.

Attitude is a more determining factor for a successful and happy than rich heritage and a million degrees achieved from school.

The attitude that we do in everyday life will become role models especially for the children around us who we love.

Source: Regional Magazine @ Kebon Jeruk

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