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Steven Corcoran

Newsham Park Hospital

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[QUOTE=Steven Corcoran;213848][QUOTE=Johnny Robbo;205519]I had an uncle who, along with his sister, spent about 8 years in the Seamens Orphanage in the 1900's after their father was drowned at sea. They were described as "Inmate Scholars" in the 1911 Census. Another ancestor was an Officer working at the Institution.

As Steve C mentioned, the Institution still operates, these days from an office in Tower Buildings. Most of the orphanage records including the Register of Inmates are now held at the Merseyside Record Office in the Maritime Museum at Albert Dock. These records are generally only accessible with the prior written consent of the Institution but consent will normally be forthcoming for bona fide family researchers.

I did not realise that the orphanage had its own pool where the boys were taught to swim. Quite an asset in those days and possibly a recognition that most boys were only there because their fathers had drowned. This probably accounts for why my uncle was the best swimmer in our family and did the cross-river swim on several occasions.

Johnny Robbo[/QUOTE

The boiler house was the swimming baths and was opened in 1900 so the outer building is victorian and i would imagine Grade II listed which is a plus, we have approached a solicitors to get in touch with building owners which will be no easy feat, and are actively looking for people to get involved with the project at committee level from the outset if you can spare a little time get in touch. So hopefully we will have some movement with the project in 2010

All the best for the new year[/QUOTE]

I attended a meeting in the Port of Liverpool Buildings last thursday on what roll trustees play with community groups, interesting Liverpool chamber of commerce said they would be in touch, still no responce, sadly we could do with their support.

On the friday i had a meeting with Jane Kennedy (MP) who was supportive. later on in the afternoon i hooked up with Stephen twigg, new Labour Candidate for West derby, and at the next election this area falls within his borough. very interesting meeting,

I have passed all the information over to him and he is getting in touch with English Herritage find some funding to get them to go down to the building and do a complete site survey on the Building complex and find out the costings to restore this Historic Structure, A fine Example of SIr Alfred Waterhouse Architecture.

Will be getting in touch with Liverpool Uni and Gmu we need their Assistance with setting up a website and to help develop the project further. Does anyone know If they have a Strategy Development Officer

I have heard on the grapevine that their south Liverpool campus (Carnatic Halls etc) is becoming inadequate. Newsham Park is much more central and only a university or other big public institution could do justice to Waterhouse’s grandeur.

The only major hurdle is that this stupendous building is privately owned. However, I see today that Liverpool City Council have taken over ownership of the Chinatown emigrant hotel so ownership of listed buildings is not an insurmountable barrier.

Booked another day off from Cammel Lairds Shipyard today my wages seem to be getting less and less these days with the work that i am putting into the project, but we need some action and this doesnt happen all by itself.

Will keep you allupdated

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  1. Debra's Avatar
    That's very interesting about the orphange , my Nana and her siblings were also put into an orphanage after their mother burnt in a fire , sadly i have no exact dates , or what orphange it may have been ...