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I am quite new to the site (first site I have ever been on so finding it really difficult to understand words like blog/forum/threads)?
I am a busy staff nurse (of 30 yrs) and I'm 62 going on 42.
Trying hard to find out things like how I can find out about places where I was born - New Road Tuebrook. Patients I look after ask me about Carters from the 1920s era? Where do I find this info?
I click on to lots of messages but cannot figure out how to see the photographs they have sent in?
Is there an idiot-proof page for people who are pure beginners?
All the regular people on here sound really friendly and approachable but although I am experienced in saving lives - I am struggling to understand how I can participate on this site. I have a lifetime of experience/stories to tell - just tell me how I do it.

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  1. Paulette's Avatar
    I meant to add - what do I press to look for replies to my message?