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brian daley

Poetry and Creative writing

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[QUOTE=captain kong;300467]Here is one I found in the magazine, Ships, author unknown.

"I shall acknowledge old age
when the call of the far wild seas
no longer stir my blood.
When I shall not see as a boy would see
the beauty of a homeward bound ship
harbouring on the flood.

Only then will I sit in the lee of the Harbour wall
conjuring up dreams from the River`s mist.
Only then will I weep an old man`s tears
for times that I have known,
and for lips that I have left unkissed,[/QUOTE]

Brilliant stuff Brian

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  1. yunita's Avatar
    Do you ever think when you're all alone
    All that we can be, where this thing can go?
    Am I crazy or falling in love?
    Is it really just another crush?

    (Crush-David A)
  2. Billy Wizz's Avatar
    Nice one you old salts!!!Billy Wizz.