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Liverpool Artist Yankel Feather

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Liverpool Artist Yankel Feather

Yankel Feather was a British painter, he was born in Liverpool on 21st June 1920 to Austro-Russian parents as one of seven and died on 18th April 2009. Yankel was born in Toxteth, into a poor family as the youngest of seven children. He went to Harrington County Primary School and later to a Jewish secondary school. Feather met his absentee father, an Austrian immigrant, only once. He was confronted at the age of fourteen with the premature death of his mother and took up painting after many visits to the Walker Art Gallery. In 1937 Feather joined his sister Leah in south London. He studied part-time under the potter Heber Matthews at Woolwich Polytechnic between 1937 and the outbreak of the Second World War.

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