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Walton - A History

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Listed in the Doomsday book 1246 as Waleton, in 1907 Walton was described by the authors William Farrer and J. Brownbill as follows:

This township, having a wedge-like form, lies on the west and north-west of West Derby and Fazakerley; it has a length of over 4 miles and an area of 1,944 acres. At the extreme north is Warbreck on the border of Aintree; the Gildhouses were also at the north end, and along the southern border from north-west to south-east are the districts called Spellow, Anfield, Walton Breck, and Newsham; these are often regarded and named as Anfield. The natural features of the township have long since been obscured or entirely swept away by bricks and mortar, and thronged streets of small houses and busy shops and electric-car standards occupy the site of country lanes, gardens, and trees. The geological formation is the new red sandstone or trias, the ridge of higher land on the west, reaching the 175 ft. level, consists of the pebble beds, and the eastern slope towards the Fazakerley brook of the upper mottled sandstones of the bunter series of that formation. The population in 1901 was 54,615.

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