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Liverpool Entertainers (Part Two)

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Part Two of a series of articles about Liverpool Entertainers:

Billy Butler MBE

William George 'Billy' Butler (born 24 January 1942). is a radio presenter on BBC Radio Merseyside. In the course of his career, he has presented TV shows such as 'FAX' and the magazine programme 'What the Butler Sees'. He was born in Amlwch, North Wales. In the 1960s he was a DJ at the Cavern Club between 1964 and 1969. Billy has been 40 years in show business and 30 years on local radio. In the early 60s, he came to national attention in the Spin-A-Disc panel on the ITV programme, 'Thank Your Lucky Stars', and he made a single with Polly Perkins, "I Reckon You". Billy made guest appearances with the Merseybeats and he formed his own group, the Tuxedos. He will be forever associated with one of the funniest programmes ever produced, 'Hold Your Plums' was a radio quiz show which ran for over a decade on BBC Radio Merseyside. It was hosted by Billy Butler and Wally Scott. Hold Your Plums won a Bronze Sony award. The series spawned several tapes of The Best of... and two successful Hold Your Plums videos. The first video in 1994 included a special recording of the show from the BBC Radio Merseyside studios in Liverpool intercut with stand-up footage of Billy and Wally in Widnes. The second video released a year later featured a live stage version of the show from the Everyman Theatre, Liverpool. In September 2010 he published his autobiography Billy Butler MBE – Mrs Butler’s Eldest. In 2013 Billy won the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Liverpool Music Awards.

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