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William Rathbone VI

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William Rathbone VI -11 Feb 1819 - 6 Mar 1902

"one of the grandest old men whom Liverpool has ever claimed as a son"
(Liverpool Post, 7 Mar 1902)"

William Rathbone VI was a merchant and businessman noted for his philanthropic and public work. He was an English Liberal politician who sat in the House of Commons at various times between 1868 and 1895.

Rathbone was the eldest son of William Rathbone of Greenbank, Liverpool and his wife Elizabeth Greg daughter of Samuel Greg of Quarry Bank, Cheshire. He was a member of the noted Rathbone family. Rathbone spent some time with various companies in Liverpool and London and in 1842 became a partner in the family company Rathbone Brothers and Co., general merchants of Liverpool. He remained a partner until 1885. He is said to have regarded wealth and business success chiefly as a means to the achievement of public and philanthropic work. He was a Deputy Lieutenant and J.P. for Lancashire.

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