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Huyton with Roby

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The original township of Huyton was united with Roby to form the township of Huyton with Roby and in 1877 Thingwall was added and also part of the parish of Childwall. The area of the amalgamated townships was 3,054 acres, and the population in 1901 numbered 4,661.

In 1907 the area was described as follows:

Somewhat undulating in the north, but flat in most places. This is quite a residential district with the dwellers in the city of Liverpool, for pleasant country houses with gardens and shrubberies are seen on all sides. Beyond the houses are open fields, some pastures, others where corn, potatoes, and turnips are generally cultivated. The soil is sandy, with a solid base of red sandstone. At Huyton Quarry the character of the country varies; coal mines begin to indicate their presence by shafts and ventilators. The Huyton Quarry mine is the nearest to Liverpool of the South Lancashire mines.

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