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Liverpool Docks Development

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Under the first Dock Act, 1708, the Mayor, aldermen, bailiffs, and Common Council became the trustees of the proposed docks in Liverpool, and were empowered to construct the dock and to levy dues. By an Act of 1811, however, they were separately incorporated and the finances of the docks were separately administered from those of the corporation, by a statutory committee of twenty-one members appointed by the trustees. The control of the docks by a corporation, which was in no way representative of the ratepayers or of those who used the docks, led to much discontent and discussion, and in the end produced a new Act, that of 1825, whereby, though the trust remained unaltered, the committee was changed to include eight members elected by dock ratepayers. The council still retained a majority, thirteen of the committee being councillors, while the chairman was also selected from among the members of the committee by the council.

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