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Speke - A History

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A description of Speke in1907:

This district contains some of the best wheat growing land in the hundred, and has a considerable river frontage opposite the widest portion of the River Mersey. There are scattered plantations amongst open fields, where barley and oats as well as wheat grow well in light, sandy, or stiff clay soils. There are no brooks. The village of Speke consists of a small group of cottages near the church, a mile from a railway station. Other houses are scattered thinly over the district. The river bank in places is flat, but principally consists of high clay banks. Upon and about these the botanist may find many plants locally uncommon. The area is 2,504½ acres, of which Speke Hall occupies 765 acres. Oglet is a hamlet by the Mersey. It is recorded that in 1901 the population numbered 381.

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