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Liverpool Education Committee

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Liverpool Education Committee
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Elementary education began in Liverpool with the provision of a number of Sunday-schools for the poor, which were founded as the result of a town's meeting in 1784. These were rapidly followed by the institution of day-schools, provided either by various denominations or by endowment. The earliest of these schools were the Old Church School in Moorfields established in 1789, the Unitarian Schools in Mount Pleasant established in 1790 and Manesty Lane established in 1792, and the Wesleyan Brunswick School established 1790. In 1823 there were thirty-two day-schools 'for the education of the poor' educating 7,441 children, of which 14 were Church Schools with 2,914 pupils, two Roman Catholic with 440 pupils, and eighteen Nonconformist with 4,087 pupils.

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