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    ...and now to bring us up to the present...How are your preparations going for your up-coming trip to Asia Mike?
    Have got some bad news on that subject Kevin told said dad if you you take AM out sighteeing or you have any expences's let me know and I'll pay you, so last week I asked as she was having 3 showers per day and just wanted a bit of petrol he went ballistic and she must have heard it she decided I wasn't a nice man so she won't come back again? and now she said she might not get married now so I am been blamed two way's, Andrew said dad don't worry about the realtionship can't be that stable ( and I have never pd for a woman yet have you never!!)
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    Oudies not that i'm trying to be funny, but my mam told me the reason i have a good memory about any details was because it was good to & for me, but if something happened that wasn't memorable then you would have a lot of work trying to remember it
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    No Tom Let's get it right mate? if your a native of Australia your an aboriginal the WHITE POLICY was brought in to give English/ Australians/ english speaking people a chance to work,
    The Australian goverment decided there were too many people overstaying there visa's as I posted a while ago he was deported back to the north of England he grew up here he has an Australian wife & children but now can't re-apply for either 5/10 years and the buses were the 103 105 & 155 ( 105 & 155 became defunct in 1982 haha)
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    helllo oudies here' it is
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    I think you were born a white Australian, a native, so to speak. It sounds as if the place was there waiting just for you all these years...Merseyside's loss is Australia's boon.
    Can you remember what the number of those buses was? I'm just being nosey, they were probably headed down-hill...not in your direction at all.
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    Mike, you are a jammy sod and no mistake. You do rather well for one self-confessed stumbler-through-life. 9.5 ton? With swimming pool? Whales weigh more than that and all they have is a fountain.
    Now you can get back to sitting and relaxing in the Sun.
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    Liverpoolkid2, I have just spent one of the most enjoyable hours I can remember, reading your highly amusing and entertaining blog. The honesty and sincerity in your life story shines through, it's no surprise your friends and workmates were sad to lose you, but then again their loss has been Australia's gain. Keep writing, your memories are better than any tonic that could be prescribed. Thank you once again for taking the time to record your eventful early life, looking forward to the continuing saga.
    Best of luck with your health , take care.
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    When you are well again and back here I hope you have put together the story of the voyage. Christmas at sea and all that.
    All the best Mike.

    I'll have to do a bit of hard thinking to remember what I was doing all that way back in 1971...come to think about's unlikely to come back to me given the date and me a Scotsman.
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    Bon voyage!!!
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    It must be all that training as a bus conductor (guard?) that makes your tales rather 'clippy'.
    If anybody tried to picture your doing as you relate them (as I do) they would be put in mind of Quentin Tarintino.
    ...on to the next exciting episode...
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    ...and now to bring us up to the present...How are your preparations going for your up-coming trip to Asia Mike?
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    Oh well, Mike. At least you've got us.

    So, you were far-travelled;from one kitchen to the next, from one parlour to the next and from one coal-hole to the next, but then again travel you did anyway and brought your own brand of cheer to many along the way.

    One day I'll tell you about how I could've been a space-man...if it weren't for the re-hab.
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    Great stuff Mike, really enjoyable reading.
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    I am of course I have got all these dvd's so far I have watched 3 of them haha I 'm starting to talk to the ghosts walking around
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    I trust you are keeping your mind on your work Mike, as you stroll around in the dark. Great stuff, I'm sure they have good things to say about you too.
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    "Open the door and...close the door and...look to the left of the door and..." It was probably for the best that they called you Michael.
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    To the manner born?
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    Nah back in 1964 I was a young an innocent 15 year old janice was 12 and on the other side of the world where was Australia? geophy was never a strong point my old teacher said have kangaroo's running down the main st and why would I want to leave I thought my life was good
    Tom!! when you go shopping can YOU CLEAR YOUR BASKET( mail box they say's your full)
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    "A page boy marches on his stomach?" Sorry, apprentice butler. This might have been what your wife saw in you?
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