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    No I haven't yet, but I will take a look in the next couple of days.
    Thanks Tom
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    Hi Tom.. Yes I completely understand what you're saying. As a writer I do have to use a lot of 'artistic licence' to attempt to get inside someone's head. Yes I'm girl, and yes I do have a better idea of what is was like to to be 13 as the girl (in Huyton) in about 1981. I have written a stageplay about a ten year old girl in Liverpool, which has been staged in Windsor and in London, within that play there was a young male character... and this blog (the Tommy Scouse blog) comes from the idea of that original character, but a little more down trodden and a little older. I wanted to write something a bit more gritty and realistic, which didn't pull the punches of my previous play. And this is why I'm using the Tommy Scouse blog as a 'try out' to see if I could develop that character for a play. That's why I'm really interested in your constructive comments!
    Cheers for commenting.. and feel free comment again (positive or negative!).