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  1. Justice's Avatar
    Chin up mate,If you have any info about what happened to the place and the staff please let me know. Thanks
  2. mhurtz's Avatar
    I to was in that hell hole i am now 51 it took me 30 year to put them nasty men in prison for what they di to us as children
  3. Pennylane's Avatar
    I really believe they did take pleasure in hurting the kids , you could see it in their faces .
  4. radzoom's Avatar
    My crime for 6 of the best<should have been 12 of the best> both hands was refusing to play rugby in winter without my shirt . crazy. I MET THE OLD ******* SOME YEARS LATER & CHALLENGED HIM TO A FIST FIGHT,YOU GUESSED A COWARD!
  5. Justice's Avatar
    I wasn't a naughty boy and the only reason that I was put in there is because I was remanded in custody because my father was unobtainable to bail me out ! My crime being throwing a cigarette box on the floor which I picked up off the floor to check if a coupon had been left inside "Brinks Matt" comes to mind. Menlove Avenue Assessment Centre was the proper title I seem to remember. Now I'm all fired up-I think I will do some research ... Whats more I will even name the B*****D who did the caning, his name was John Scales and one of his cohorts was a big old drunkard who smoked a pipe-and the other I have no Idea. The latter two I have no interest, but Scales will have Justice !
  6. radzoom's Avatar
    Well I didnt attend a naughty boys home, I attended West Deby Comp.The Headmaster Mr Saunders,later of Liverpool Football Club Youth Team thrashed me on the stage in front of 400 boys six on each hand<six of the best> & he clearly got pleasure from this, I an 55 now & still remember this.
  7. Pennylane's Avatar
    The scars on the buttox must be nothing compared to the scars in the mind , i am so sorry this dreadful thing happened to you .x