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Liverpool Picturebook

A site dedicated to photographs and History of old Liverpool

  1. T J Harrison Shipowners

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    Thomas Harrison (1815-1888) was an apprentice to the firm of Samuel Brown and Son and Company who operated as Shipbrokers in 1830. James Harrison (1821-1891) joined Samuel Brown in 1838, and in 1839 Thomas became a partner in the firm, which changed its name to George Brown and Harrison, George being Samuel's son. In 1849 James became a full partner and by this time the firm's main
  2. George Harrison 1943 - 2001

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    People in Liverpool are today attending a vigil to commemorate the birthday of George Harrison, the organisers have named it ‘Imagine’ after the John Lennon song.

    George would have celebrated his 70th Birthday.

    George Harrison, singer, and songwriter, achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles. During the mid-1960s,