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  1. Liverpool Parks

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    As a change from my normal local history articles, my post today is more up to date, I was recently asked by a lady involved with the 'Friends Of Walton Hall Park' to take some photographs of the park showing just how nice it is looking. I did so and then someone suggested I visit Princes Park, which I did, so I thought why not photograph a few more, after all, it's autumn and the colours are lovely. The link below will take you to my Picture Liverpool page where you can see all the images I have
  2. Hotels of Liverpool - 1902

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    Hotels of Liverpool - 1902

    In our penultimate look at a guide to Liverpool -1902 we today take a look at some of the hotels available to stay in at the time.

    The visitor to Liverpool will find first-class hotel accommodation adjoining all the railway stations, and in the principal streets. In this respect the city is probably without a rival in the provinces ; but then no other provincial city has anything like the constant stream of strangers passing to and
  3. Sefton Park Palm House

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    Sefton Park covers some 269 acres of land, it was acquired by Liverpool Corporation from the Earle of Sefton in 1867. Architects Lewis Hornblower and Edouard Andre, who won a competition that year, designed the layout.

    The park was opened by the Duke of Connaught in 1872 and the Palm House in the park completed in 1896. The Palm House was a gift to the city by Henry
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