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Liverpool Picturebook

A site dedicated to photographs and History of old Liverpool

  1. William Henry Duncan

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    William Henry Duncan, (1805–1863)

    William Henry Duncan, (1805–1863), was a physician and medical officer of health, he was born in Seel Street, Liverpool on 27 January 1805, the third son and fifth of the seven children of George Duncan, merchant of Liverpool, and his wife, Christian, the youngest daughter of James Currie, minister of Middlebie and of
  2. Court Housing in Liverpool

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    The population of Liverpool had swelled in proportion to its wealth and from the early years of the 19th century there was a need for more and more houses. Speculators were not slow to see the opportunities and set about building cheap housing for the masses. There was nothing humanitarian about their projects --- the homes were designed with but one specification which was to accommodate as many people as possible in order to accrue as much rent as possible, and the simple design did just that.
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