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Liverpool Picturebook

A site dedicated to photographs and History of old Liverpool

  1. Wavertree Playground - The Mystery

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    Wavertree Playground, also known locally as The Mystery was one of the first purpose-built public playgrounds in the United Kingdom. In May 1895, a stately home called "The Grange" was demolished and it looked inevitable that the estate it was based within would used as building for the increasing suburbs of Liverpool. Much to the surprise of Liverpool society, it was however announced that an anonymous donor had purchased the Grange

  2. Wavertree History

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    A lock-up, a small house, a tower a dispute over water and a house named after Sir Walter Scott's birthplace, just a small part of the history of a Liverpool suburb 'Wavertree'.

    Wavertree Lock up

    An octagonal lock-up built of sandstone in 1796 it is often referred to as the 'Round House', it was a place were the villagers, who would assist the village constable, or indeed the constable himself could detain drunks and vagabonds. The owner of the Lake
  3. John Mason Removals

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    The Mason Family

    Liverpool is a city of ‘firsts’, in 1227 Liverpool was the first place to conduct a census, the result revealed a population of 804, Liverpool had the first ferry service, the first Lord Mayor and the first Town Hall. In 1884 Liverpool had the first woman ever to practice as a Doctor in the world, open a surgery in Liverpool and in that same year Mrs