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Liverpool Picturebook

A site dedicated to photographs and History of old Liverpool

  1. Everton Beacon

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    Everton Beacon, the small round tower, was built as a Bridewell or lock-up in 1787, however, the original beacon built to guide ships using the Mersey estuary stood over half a mile north of the round tower. It was built by Ranuf, Earl of Chester, in around 1230. The building was a plain square two storey building and housed a kitchen on its ground floor and a guardroom upstairs, it is said to have blown down during a storm in 1802.

    The title of the beacon passed to the lock-up
  2. Everton area history

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    Described by William Farrer and J. Brownbill in 1907:

    This township lies on the hill to the north-east of Liverpool, the highest point being at St. George's Church. From that point there is a very rapid slope to the north and to the west, the elevated ridge continuing southward to Low Hill and Edge Hill. The height allows an extensive panorama of the city of Liverpool, including a distant view of the Cheshire side of the River Mersey. At sunset the windows of the houses on Everton