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    Quote Originally Posted by chasevans
    Wonder what became of he runaway boy?
    I know the make and colour of the car and I know where he was trying to get to, as he will be in his fifties...who knows we may meet again.
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    Keep us posted
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    I did only see him once live. With Acker and K Ball. He had shown himself to be knowledgeable on modern art and was a good talker too. His telling of life in the early years of the war, with his and others record collecting and hiding away in the bowels of a ship to listen to the blues brought back memories of the early seventies and my own habits. The treks from bedroom to bedroom with the trusty Dancette.
    I will certainly look out for more of his scribblings.
    A whole four months eh? Time off for good behaviour?
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    I haven't read the book, but from your description it sounds an easy read, Oudeius. I first heard George on a78 r.p.m. record that a friend borrowed from his dad's collection, "Take me for a Buggy Ride". This would be about 1966 and I was a fan right away. On seeing his stage act years later I was totally hooked. Entertainment with a capital E.
    A BBC4 documentary on GM and trad jazz gives a glimpse into Georges life, I've copied it on DVD if you need it.
    Speaking for myself, I never get homesick when away from Merseyside, but my maximum time away has been 4 months.
    Regards, Oudeius,
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    Wonder what became of he runaway boy?
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    I fear you've dwelt too long in the shuttered room. Fear not the shadows out of time,
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    I thought you lost time as you decided to stop at the cake shop for a hot pie & a buttered bun
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    Brother O, I sit here beseiged by a lurgy, one of those which make one feel like sh*te,
    but I feel the better for reading about your Caledonian capers.
    My thanks for your endeavours.
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    Sorry. I mention a story I told back in October 2009 'John and Yoko Shop Here'. Sadly I cannot find here on the forum or in the archive. I did think that CTG had a copy, but no. That was another tale altogether. Alas and alack!!