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  1. Alone again or Bob Marley & smokers at the hospital door

    While all's asleep, some moons have passed since I started to log my nightmare, ( I'll let you be in my nightmare if you let me be in your daydream)

    ****** I wake to the vaporous moonlight in the ward. The

    wind is slight, but each gust trembles the glass in the window

    frame. My fellow guests sleep as the moonlight dances it's

    nocturnal jig unnoticed, save for I, my trembling face in the

    window I call Mr Face, and a new guest, ...
  2. Re-caring nightmare and my travels on the nova express

    *****Let me say straight away that the name[I]"nova express" [/I]

    was first coined by William Burroughs. It's just a convenient

    monicker, nicked to describe my fast moving dream imploding

    like a CRT screen...and then the real nightmare starts.

    *****I've been sleeping and I'm woken by the something

    falling or breaking. Sometimes it's a book, an ornament or

    picture frame, quite often it's a window (the nightmare ...