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  1. Outer Loop Line

    [B]The City Council aim to kill many birds with one stone:[/B][LIST=1][*]Get the eastern section of the city's Outer Loop line activated and on Merseyrail, creating economic growth and getting the east of the city on Merseyrail, giving great benefits to many districts.[*]Get Everton FC on a high throughput rapid-transit rail line giving top class transport connections.[*]Get Liverpool FC on a high throughput rapid-transit rail line giving top class transport ...

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  2. A Lesson From Denmark


    [B]Geoism Proven To Work[/B]

    Denmark prospered under the Geoist system for 3 years until right-wing vested interest of landowners scupperred it. A system like this will pull Liverpool up by its bootstraps.

    The Danes, by old tradition, have been accustomed to the concept that the land belongs to the people. The rapid industrialisation and land enclosures of the 18th and 19th centuries, begun in England and made impact in Denmark ...
  3. The Case Against Trams

    [COLOR="black"]The proposed Merseytram:
    [LIST][*]Is not rapid-transit. [*]It is not wholly segregated [*]Not genuinely rapid-transit, and never can be running at horse & cart speeds in the city centre[*]In the city centre will cause jams. [*]Whole districts are not covered. [*]Sefton does not benefit.[*]Wirral does not benefit[/LIST]
    Merseytram doesn't emulate Manchester's Metrolink or many of the other newer generation tram networks. It it trying to be buses and a rapid ...
  4. Land Values Creamed Off & Infrastructure Funding

    [B]Land Values Were Created by Community Activity[/B]

    In ye very olden dayes:

    [LIST][*]A landowner rarely made windfalls on increased land values created by the infrastructure paid for by the community. [*]The windfalls were mainly because of the communities activities, not the landowners.[/LIST]
    It could be said raised land values in selling off land were not the prime form of income from land, just the charging of rent on the ...
  5. Work War Two

    [COLOR=black][B]Germany's Poor Economy Lost Them The War [/B]

    Germany lost the second world war because the Allies were able to out produce them in the making of arms. Britain and the United States were able to produce huge numbers and far more aircraft. The false conclusion has been that Hitler's gamble in invading the USSR was the key behind Germany's defeat. That was sealed before Germany declared war.

    [B]Germany Had Spectacular Gains But Nothing Conclusive[/B] ...

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