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Peter McGurk

  1. Housing Mistakes

    [QUOTE=Peter McGurk;400656]They shouldn't. But neither should property ownership include the responsibility to nanny society.

    It's a function of (parents and education and) the law and the courts to control anti-social behaviour. And incidentally, not for the community to effectively condone it by its acquiescence - by not speaking up.

    Make no mistake, I do understand that some of these guys can cut up pretty bloody rough but it is everybody’s responsibility to uphold ...
  2. Housing Mistakes

    [QUOTE=Peter McGurk;400038]Well this may be true for Wales but it certainly isn’t a common tradition in England, much as anyone may wish it otherwise.

    In England at least there is a rather more rounded view of the issue, or rather it’s place at the heart of a state run by capital. In England’s book, wealth creates prosperity and jobs for all. Indeed the creation of wealth is fundamental to the liberal notion of prosperity for all.

    If you are anti-capitalist well ...