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    the name of the shop, in the crescent speke was gourleys, my niece owned it in the 90`s --- albie owen
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    Examples of Georgian Liverpool Street Signage, [I think?]. The street signs shown on Herdman's paintings [c.1850's] look like the current rectangular cast iron ones. So these could possibly be late Georgian, or early Victorian? They also appear to be made of porcelain, or similar.

    Image from Liverpool by George Chandler, pub 1957.
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    I wonder whether there are any examples of street signage which are older than these? Maybe the museum may have one or two examples?

    There's two images of some older Liverpool street signs in George Chandler's Liverpool. He's quoting from R. Muir's Byegone Liverpool, H. Young, 1913.

    Two signs: one of Castle Street and one of Hanover Street. Both are oval shaped, and possibly porcelain? These look earlier than those seen of Herdman's paintings, which typically date from around the 1850's, which look similar, if not the same as the cast iron one's seen today.

    I think the book is well out of print, so will scan them tomorrow.
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    Nice one Kev. Wars are indeed a stain on mans hands.
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    Thanks WW. Interesting website, as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dazza
    I'm assuming this was also the site of Huskisson's untimely demise, as well?
    No it was further up the line around Newton-le-Willows if I recall. There is a monument at the side of the track.
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    There are occasional rumblings of opening the Wapping tunnel;. If this occurs a visiting centre is precluded. The 1848 Crown St tunnel is still used for parking and shunting trains.

    It is a disgrace that this cutting and tunnels are left the way they are.
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    I'm assuming this was also the site of Huskisson's untimely demise, as well?