View Full Version : John Reppion's Cabinet of Curiosities

  1. A brief introduction
  2. Spring Heeled Jack in Everton
  3. The Calderstones - South Liverpool's Stonehenge
  4. The Childe of Hale
  5. Friday the 13th onboard the RMS Titanic
  6. The Witch-Cult in Merseyside
  7. A Visitor's Guide to Haunted Liverpool
  8. Liverpool's zoos - escapes and attacks
  9. The Monk's Well, Wavertree
  10. Vanished Castles of Liverpool
  11. The Underground Empire of Joseph Williamson
  12. The Myth of MacKenzie's Tomb
  13. Sherlock Holmes - The Liverpool Demon
  14. Victorian Lantern talk at Garston & District Historical Society this Friday