Most of you will be familiar with my 'Liverpool Picturebook' website and with 'Liverpool picturebook' on Facebook, so you will know that those sites are primarily about Old Photographs of Liverpool. However I get hundreds of emails and messages from ex-pats and people who no longer live in the city asking "what does it look like now" I also get requests from viewers on both sites to publish up to date photographs. Well until now I haven't really been able to do this as new photographs don't really fit in with the theme of the site's.

So this is the solution, 'Picture Liverpool' is a whole new site which will eventually feature photographs from all the Liverpool districts !

In addition to my own photographs I am offering viewers of the page the opportunity to showcase their own work. So, if you would like to share your modern day photographs, in particular those of the Liverpool districts including the Wirral, why not join us on Facebook or visit the website.
You can join us on Facebook
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We look forward to you joining and sharing your photographs.....

Waterfront ©Ian Kerr