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    Default Anne Robinson

    Born Anne Josephine Robinson in the town of Crosby in Liverpool, England on the 26th of September 1944, this famous host of the hit BBC and NBC quiz show the "Weakest Link" (2001/II) started her career as a journalist for Rediffusion. She made her way up by working on the Daily Mail, Sunday Times and Daily Mirror. It was at the Mirror where she was to make her mark, being Assistant Editor throughout the 1980s and early 1990s; she was the first woman to regularly edit a national newspaper.

    She credits that most of her formative education was gleaned not from attending the convent boarding school or university, but from working on her mother's "marled" stall. She is one of the UK's most distinguished broadcasters and journalists and was made an Honorary Fellow of Liverpool's John Moores University in 1996.

    She is well-known (even in America) for her red hair, her dark Giorgio Armani suits, her impatience with organizations that give customers a raw deal (she was the host of the prime time BBC 1 consumer affairs show "Watchdog" (1985)) and, of course, her wink (which was developed when, in 1987, the director of right-to-reply show "Points of View" (1961) asked her not to wink - she subsequently winked at the end of every program.)

    She is married to journalist John Penrose, who also acts as her personal manager (and whom she both divorced and remarried in 1994). Her daughter Emma, from her first husband, Charlie Wilson, is a graduate of the prestigious New York University and works as a freelance television director, writer and presenter in London and New York. Anne Robinson divides her time between her house in Kensington and her home in the Cotswolds, where she enjoys walking her English Setters: Maudie and Sebastian.


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    Sorry i dont like her

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gnomie
    Sorry i dont like her

    ditto! I don't like that loud bossy persona she has.

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    Default Anne Robinson

    The Weakest Link's Anne Robinson takes pleasure in ****ging off Liverpool.

    Every time a guest comes on the show from Liverpool Anne Robinson takes a delight in denigrating her home city with jokes about crime, poverty and social security scroungers.

    Famous guests are routinely asked if they still live in the city now they have some money to which the reply is usually a jokey no I live in Cheshire.

    I know miss robinson an ex alcoholic used to write for the Echo many years ago but has she actually visited the city in recent times and seen its transformation. Obviously she is perpetuating negative stereotypes in the nation's subconscious.

    Not so long ago Miss Robinson was approached by the police for ****ging off the Welsh but when it comes to Liverpool bashing it seems that's fine.

    It seems that this is another example of Scouserphobia.

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    I don't like her either.

    She pioneered the art of insulting the general public on TV.

    And that wink. Trying to ingratiate herself.

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    Good luck to anyone making that amount of money in her life but for someone who is a washed up ex-alkie, I've no time for the comments she makes to people when she was in a far worse state lounging in some gutter with a bottle of 3lt Tesco's strongest Cider.

    And she has no right to have a birthday 3 days after mine either!

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