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Thread: Tales of Toxteth times

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    Default Tales of Toxteth times

    Tales of Toxteth times
    Published: 13 February 2012

    Want to learn more about one of Liverpool’s most diverse communities?

    Liverpool City Council’s libraries team is working in partnership with the University of Liverpool to provide a FREE local history course focusing on the origins of Toxteth.

    For six weeks from 22 February, Liverpool University historian Paul Booth will lead informal sessions at Toxteth Library, on Windsor Street, covering the history of the area, from its medieval origins to its development as the vibrant community we know today.

    Paul will be sharing fascinating facts including:

    ■ Toxteth appears in the Doomsday book as Stochestede, meaning Stockade, and is first recorded as Tokestat in 1207. The document with the King’s signature is stored at Lancashire Record Office.

    ■ Puritans settled in Toxteth in the 17th century, building Toxteth chapel. It became knows as the ‘Holy Land’ – a phrase still used today.

    ■ King Henry VIII ordered a deer to be sent from Toxteth to the Earl of Devon.

    ■ Parliament Street got its name from an Act of Parliament granted to the Earl of Sefton.

    ■ Alois Hitler Jr, Adolf Hitler’s half-brother lived in Upper Stanhope Street.

    ■ Jean Alexander, best known for paying Hilda Ogden in Coronation Street, was born in Toxteth.

    The informal sessions are open to anyone, and will run every Wednesday up to and including 28 March, from 2 – 4pm.


    The city council’s cabinet member responsible for libraries, Councillor Wendy Simon, said: “This is a fantastic opportunity for people to learn more about the history of one of the city’s fascinating communities.

    “It’s great that the city council is working in partnership with Liverpool University to provide these free courses which will enable residents to discover lots of things they never knew about their community and this great city.”

    Anyone interested in taking part on the course can register by calling 0151 233 5428 or by emailing toxteth.library@liverpool.gov.uk. Alternatively, residents can register at the first session on the 22 February.

    Paul Booth said: “'Toxteth has a most unusual history, beginning nearly a thousand years ago. This informal course will explore the evidence for its uniqueness through maps and documents, as well as Toxteth's present-day landscape'.

    There is the possibility of a field trip to see key documents in the archives at Lancashire Record Office, and this may incur a small cost.

    The course forms part of Liverpool University’s Continuing Education programme.

    Source: Liverpool City Council

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    Good post Howie, That will be of real interest to anyone interested in the history of what we now know as Toxteth, Just a pity these courses cant be scheduled around employed people . 2-4 is primarily aimed at unemployed , retired etc, I know you are only posting whats available , and thanks for doing it.


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    Excellent Howie
    YO! Liverpool has taken me 10 years to develop and maintain.
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    Thank you

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