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Thread: Do you have Viking DNA

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    Default Do you have Viking DNA

    The University of Leicester are looking for men who have old local surnames from the north of England as part of a study to investigate whether there are traces of Viking genes in the modern-day population.

    They have a big list of surnames they are interested in and they want 1 man for each surname. They already have over 2000 names but there are quite a few left.

    The full list of surnames is too big to post here and it will probably be changing all the time as people sign up so you need to go to their website at to check if you can join.

    Sadly my surname isn't one of them.

    To take part you have to be a man with one of the surnames on the list and your father's father must have been born in the north of England (Cheshire, Cumbria, Lancashire, Yorkshire, Durham or Northumberland)

    Participants will be provided with a summary of the results, designed for a layperson, at the end of the study in 2013. In addition we will provide a copy of each participant's Y chromosome genetic fingerprint and an explanation sheet designed for the layperson.
    I think it's fascinating.


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    The Battle of Brunanburh

    This battle in of 937, mentioned in the Anglo Saxon Chronicle is said to have occurred at Bromborough.
    There is not 100% proof it did.

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    The Vikings fought the English and the English won. The Wirral has some Old Nordic name in about the place. In the last survey on DNA about 1/2 of Wirral men had Viking DNA in them.

    "Athelstan, having created a united kingdom of England by completing the re-conquest from the Danes, attempted to extend his authority over the northernmost territories of Britain. In response an alliance of British, Scots and Norse, under Olaf Guthfrithson, invaded England by ship via the Humber. In late 937 Athelstan responded, meeting the invaders in battle at Brunanburh. The joint Mercian and West Saxon army broke, pursued and destroyed the allied forces.
    The site of the battle has not been established and a number of alternatives have been suggested."

    Bromborough has been identified as one of the battle sites. The Wirral was a Viking settlement at one time for sure.
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