Hi all

I have mentioned the Football Poets site on here before. I have written a number of poems for the site, naturally mostly about Liverpool FC, given that I am Reds fan. Not having contributed to the site for some time, I recently searched for it and was unable to find it, and thought that perhaps it had folded. However, I was delighted to discover when I later made a search that the site is not defunct as I feared but is still going strong. Here is a poem I wrote for the site a couple of years ago when it was announced that Kenny Dalglish would once more be associated with LFC during Rafa Benitez's time as manager:

Come Back to Kenny, Kenny

Kenny, come back to Bootle,
Tuebrook, Eggy Vale, aye,
we'll welcome you back,
not just to Anfield! Tour
with the team in the open-
deck bus with the Prem
trophy (Rafa will "let" you
hold it!), down Scotty Road,
down Kenny (ha!), Limey too.
Take the cheers, Kenny, come on
back here, lad, where you belong!

Christopher T. George


Here's a recent poem by another Reds fan, P. Maguire, also about Kenny Dalglish, "Comeback Kenny."

Naturally, the Football Poets site is not just for Reds fans but for anyone who loves football. Feel free to contribute to their site or else, if you like, post some footer poems in this thread.