We settled down to married life, with our three daughters. Tom had applied to adopt my daughter, there was no problem, they told us to let my daughter know about the adoption from the very start, as it would help her when she was growing up, and not find out when she was a teenager.

Tommy and I worked hard looking after our brood, there was only twenty months between the youngest two and I found it very trying but worth while, this time around I had no Mam to help me out, I did the best I could. Tommy worked every hour God sent to give us all a comfortable home and holidays.
Tommy didn't stand a chance in a house full of women (even the hamster was a girl).
We had a happy home full of love and laughter and tantrums at times.

As our eldest grew up, questions were asked about why she was adopted, we told her that her Dad (Tommy loved her so much, he wanted her for his own or words to that effect, she was feisty and head strong but loved her Dad.

She met a boy Jimmy when she was fifteen and they were childhood sweethearts, getting married when she was twenty, they were buying their own house.
We had a visit from them, with the news she was pregnant and everyone was thrilled, I was told I was going to be a granny, so granny it was.

After her son was born, she called him Austin (our surname) the reason being there was no men to carry the family name on, she made her Dad so proud.
Her marriage only lasted eighteen months, they just drifted apart. It was a very sad time for us all.
Before long she met someone else and he settled into her house, they had a daughter and another son,
This partnership was very up and down, volatile even.
Her Dad told her he was deadwood but she wouldn't have a word said against him.

We talked on the phone quite a bit, I knew she was suffering from a tummy bug and couldn't keep anything down, I went to see her on the Monday and was upset to see how ill she looked.
"Darling let me take you to the out of hours doctors" " no Mum I will go tomorrow I promise" she said.
I called Tommy in from the car outside and He told her get the doctor to call and told Lee to make sure he looked after her, he sat in the armchair ****ed. I pleaded with her and she said don't worry I will get the doc to call.

I was so concerned that I rang at nine that night and Lee said she was in bed, I told him to tell her I had called and to tell her I loved her.
In the morning the phone went and I answered it was eight o'clock. Lees Mum spoke she said its your Lesley-Ann, I said what's happened now thinking they had argued again, Its your Lesley" what about her"

She is Dead...

I told her she must be mistaken, no Lee has just found her on the floor in the kitchen and the police and
paramedics are there now, we have to go up right away to pick the kids up they're in a terrible state..
I heard a scream it was coming out of my mouth.

My beautiful Daughter died..


I will finish later as can't see the keys on laptop at the moment.