Hi all

I have just bought the following postcard from an auction site. As you see it was posted in Liverpool on July 19, 1910. The picture side shows a not very happy looking woman, possibly a teacher or the head of a nursery school with ten young children seated before her circa ages 2-4 years but with four older girls standing at the back. It might be a nursery school or an orphage, though the seller thought perhaps it might be a Sunday school class. Two of the older girls have what look like crosses on their white pinnies maybe signaling a church school or church orphanage -- or perhaps that they are monitors, conceivably? The tallest of the four girls has some other badge or emblem on her chest. The back of a building appears behind them and part of an iron outside staircase is visible. I know we had a similar question about a school photograph some months ago. It might be the same school or a similar one. Any ideas, anyone?

Note that the address side shows that the card was sent my "M. Wylde" to a Miss Johnson, c/o Mrs. Caton, 155 Rosebery Street, Kingsley Road, Liverpool. She sends birthday wishes "from myself and all the 'Babies'" and adds that "the next time I pass your place of business I will call in." We might therefore conclude that either Miss Johnson or Mrs. Caton owned a business or shop. Interestingly I see that Rosebery Street is quite close to Selborne Street, off Princes Road, where Davec decided the boy at the gate was located in the recent picture puzzle posed by Colin Wilkinson. Rosebery Street is also where the Beatles played on June 22, 1957.

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