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    Just been to see Bro on the Wirral and decided to sit in the passenger seat armed with my H9 and click away on anything that took my fancy either static or 'on the move'. Just thought I'd share a few as it's a nice evening to take em!

    Pillbox on the Wirral

    Attachment 4072

    Some bloody big house!

    Attachment 4073

    Entering the Queensway Tunnel from the Wirral (was amazed to see on the bypass that you can see the Unity building peaking over!)

    Attachment 4074

    At the lights - my best pic of the day.

    Attachment 4075

    Up close

    Attachment 4076


    St Nicks on the fly

    Attachment 4077

    Dock Road

    Attachment 4078

    Attachment 4079

    Attachment 4080

    St James

    Attachment 4081

    The Bridge Inn on Wavertree Road

    Attachment 4083

    Picton Clock

    Attachment 4084

    And the wonderful council sticking a camera - ancient and modern

    Attachment 4085

    Take any pic you want.

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    Nice, I might go out soon but the city centres one big building site and I have no Inspiration.
    Gididi Gididi Goo.

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