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Thread: Things I Remember!

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    Default Things I Remember!

    When I visited my gran in Vulcan St, there would be a man with a cart shouting out "rags, bottles and ?????" can't remember what the last word was. Everyone would run out with old coats and bottles and he would give us a few pennies in return. This would be in the 1930's to 1940's.
    Loved the street singers who would come around, usually had an accordian and would sing at the top of their voices. Some of them could really belt out a song. Back then I remember how everyone looked out for each other. Those where the war years and we sure as hell did not have much, as kids, we where seen but not heard, we always showed respect to our elders. We all seemed so happy and stress free. Going to Garston Park or over the Iron Bridge was always an adventure. Loved to play on the landfill (tips) that used to be off Horrocks Ave. Sliding down the hills of rubbish I was as happy as a lark, that would be until I got home and my mam would see how filthy I was.
    Do the street singers still come around? Do neighbour's look out for each other like they used to in the old days?


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    "When I visited my gran in Vulcan St, there would be a man with a cart shouting out 'rags, bottles and ?????' can't remember what the last word was."

    What you are describing is what used to be known as a "rag and bone man" -- but maybe you know that, eh? So the last word could have been "bones" unless the geezer had his own trademark call naming some other item folk might be willing to dispose of.

    I should doubt if there are any street singers coming round the neighbourhoods such you recall used to happen. Buskers though today still in the city center, begging for a handout. But as for singers going to community to community. . . No, instead of that: loud bass of music thudding out from souped up cars is likely to be the type of thing you would experience now. . . here in the U.S. as well!!! Ugh.

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    looking at old photographs the only singers I have come across was the salvation army on their sunday parades. ** the other was steptoe and sons rag and bone, "any ole rag bone",!

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    Hey, this could be a great thread! I love hearing people's memories. If I remember rightly, Vulcan Street is near the docks isn't it? That's probably my favourite area of Liverpool, down around the north docks where you can still get an idea of what it was like in it's heyday.

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    I can remember the rag and bone man coming around with an open back Transit probably around ten years ago.

    I've only ever seen this once in recent years though when we were working on a house in Wallasey and a fella in a panel van saw us throwing out a load of old metal and asked if he could have it.

    We were only talking about the rag and bone man the other night and how he used to come round shouting 'any old iron?'.

    More recently there was the candyfloss man in the red van. I think it was an old Sherpa or Freight Rover - it had 'Candy Floss' painted on the outside in white gloss. I remember seeing him last about five years ago - he used to come round Moreton (Wirral) and I saw him in Everton as well.

    Then there was the pop man who came once a week with the bottles which had to be returned. Again, this would have only been around ten years ago and we used to get white lemonade, proper cream soda and the all-time favourite dandelion and burdock. The drinks were made by R. Whites.

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    He must've been a 'posh' rag n' bone man Ross, having a transit flatbed and all. The one that used to come around our square pushed a cart and would give balloons away instead, a good ploy as the kids would be kept quiet for a few hours (innocent times) so yer ma would say go and give them some of these old clothes (overcoats and macs were kept to go over the bed clothes to keep you warm at night) This was early 1970s and coal fires in the tennies and icicles on the sash windows in winter. Those sheets with millions of coloured lines on them, yellow, blue, pink, green etc repeated over and over again with pillow cases to match. The top sheet, the uppermost one would be a wavy flannelette material. In between - all manner of thick grey sheets in the days before continental quilts 9well, for the working class anyway)

    Our rag n' bone mans yard was situated in William Henry street just around the corner from Soho Street. Louis Caplan's (ex Lord Mayor) tobacconist/sweetshop was on the corner, that's where my mam would buy me the Topper, Dandy, Beano and Cor etc each week then there was Charlie Peppers betting shop. The row of old shops facing are still there and are Morris's - two brothers who originally started trading in the 1960s, further up the street. They've since expanded the premises to a sub post office and off licence to try and keep afloat but when you consider they lost a lot of customers when the four squares tenements were demolished and not even new houses built on its site.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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