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Thread: Woburn House Old Swan??????

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    Default Woburn House Old Swan??????

    Does anyone know anything about a WOBURN HOUSE that once stood at the top of Woburn Hill off Green Lane Old Swan?

    The house is there in 1906, opposite is a place called The Grange. both are now gone. i know that the houses that stand there now where built after WW2. I cannot find anything at all about Woburn House? can anyone help?




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    Hello Tony.

    I'd never heard of it, but here it is on the 1925 OS map.
    It has to be said that it's not much bigger than the terraced houses in Woburn Hill, so I'll be very surprised if it's mentioned anywhere.

    Do you know what number it was in Woburn Hill?
    The 1936 Gore's directory list 40A & 40B as the last houses on that side of Woburn Hill.

    I've just checked the 1968 Kelly's, and the last houses on that side are 40A, 48, 50 & 52, so it looks 3 houses were built on the site.
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    The 1894 map has Claremont where The Grange is.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarkA View Post
    The 1894 map has Claremont where The Grange is.

    Probably renamed later by a new owner.

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    Thanks for the help

    So it was just a normal house. has anyone any idea when the houses in Woburn Hill where built?
    I went up there yesterday and if you know the area then the old Carlton cinema is at the end of Green lane, next to it is the old Venue night club. next to the venue is a very nice white victorian house, set back in grounds. used as a home of some sort.well it used to be, i got a right shock to see boards up around it. i looked through and they have flattened it. took away a cracker house for whatever they are building on the venue ground, flats i think. im really shocked they could just knock the house down, shame on them

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    I'd say the way it's set in its own grounds (like the house opposite) that it's probably older than the terraced property in Woburn Hill.
    I'll check some older maps.
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