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Thread: Grotspots

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    Exclamation Grotspots

    TEN eyesore buildings were today unveiled as top priorities for a pre-Capital of Culture spring clean.

    Officials chose a set of grotty locations to spearhead plans to brighten up Liverpool before the start of 2008.

    They want to make sure the city is looking its best for the showcase year, when hundreds of thousands of tourists are expected to visit.

    Cleaning up or disguising rundown, boarded-up buildings is a key part of the Look Of The City project.

    Liverpool council has now chosen the 10 premises it will target under the £4m programme.

    They include the former ABC cinema in Lime Street, and the old TGWU headquarters in Commutation Row.

    Some of the sites are earmarked for complete redevelopment in the future, but city leaders want them made more presentable in the meantime.

    Other elements of Look Of The City will see dirty pavements steam-cleaned, litter hotspots blitzed and streets decked out with colourful flags and banners.

    Unadopted roads through Sefton Park, currently riddled with potholes, will also be relaid before 2008.

    City’s top 10 targeted

    1. West Lime Street

    NOW – Shutters and boarded-up shop fronts painted, Las Vegas sign removed, pavements washed.

    LATER - Complete redevelopment, hopefully starting in 2009.

    2. Former ABC cinema, Lime Street

    NOW - Facade cleaned, illuminated sign reinstated, entrance boarded up, broken windows repaired.


    LATER - Developer sought to refurbish building.

    3. Kensington Fields community centre, Hall Lane

    NOW - Doors and windows replaced, kickabout area resurfaced, landscaping improved.

    LATER - Ongoing refurbishment.

    4. Kingston House, The Strand

    NOW - Hopefully demolition of building in November-March.

    LATER - New commercial development, possibly starting before end of 2008.

    5. Islington and Moss Street

    NOW/LATER - Council taking action to make landowners improve properties.

    6. Former Yates’ wine lodge, West Moorfields

    NOW - Yates’ building used for Turning The Place Over artwork, car park fenced off, short-term improvements to Moorfields station.

    LATER - Yates’ and car park could be sold for new office development in two or three years’ time.

    7. TGWU, Commutation Row

    NOW - Doors secured and painted, forecourt cleared.

    LATER - Could be sold to new buyer for refurbishment next year.

    8. Gregson’s Well pub, Low Hill

    NOW/LATER - Council taking enforcement action to make owner improve property.

    9. Norton’s scrap yard, Parliament Street

    NOW - Signs removed, walls made good, new adverts in place.

    LATER - Potential for 20-floor tower of apartments

    10. Islington car park, Islington

    NOW - Council-owned section resurfaced, fence put up, new pay & display.

    LATER - Talks about future operation of park.

    WHAT do YOU think is the worst grot spot in Liverpool?
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    Thank you

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    The worst is Concourse House.

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    Default Grot building

    I've always thought that grot building on Hawke St behind the Adelphi Hotel should be demolished. Prime land right in the centre of Liverpool going to waste.

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    Not on that list but I believe the King Eddy pub has now gone.

    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    It's interesting how the pre-CoC 'clean up' focuses solely on the town centre (ok, Hall Lane is a little way out, but even so...). It just seems to cosmetic and pretend, like sweeping rubbish under the carpet. What about the rest of the city? These aren't 'grot spots' compared so some of the areas of Kirkdale, Kensington and Toxteth that I've been through.

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    Since I've been in Liverpool there's been a run-down place on Smithdown Road, opposite Asda, proper tatty shop fronts (one was still open for a long time) and paint flaking off the whole wall. A few months back it was painted head-to-toe black, and it's hardly an attraction but it's a whole lot better now, nowhere near as tatty. A shame though they got rid of "Gerry The Fridge Man"

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