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Thread: Old Crosses

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    Default Old Crosses

    I have started this here to move it from the "guess the location thread"

    We seem to be finding similar crosses in West Derby, Huyton and Bromborough

    here is the huyton one


    do you know of any more?

    this one is in Childwall, but not the same as the others.

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    Default Garston Cross

    Nice idea for a thread Gnomie.

    The Garston Cross is to be found in the grounds of St Francis of Assisi Roman catholic Church. Earp St where it was re- erected from its previous location at the junction of Chapel Rd and Earp St. Originally it was sited alongside the Garston Brook near the junction of the present day St Mary's Rd and Church Rd.

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    Other places that still have crosses (or the remains of the base to the cross), are Roby Cross (this also acts a boundary stone), Hunts Cross, Cronton Cross.

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    A few notes on the Cross at Childwall:

    This cross, one of only half a dozen ancient monuments Liverpool possess at all, lay in ruins in a field off Childwall Lane until 1935. When it was decided to widen Childwall Lane, it was agreed that the cross should be re-erected and set in a 15' recess not far from its original site. It was amazing luck that it had survived for so long.
    Some of the steps were, infact, buried and only recovered by excavation. Lord Salisbury, besides, sending a donation, very kindly provided the site.
    The old dismembered ruins were dug out, and 3 steps and the base stone numbering 22 sandstone blocks in all were found complete but no trace of the missing shaft.
    The blocks were re-assembled in their original formation and were surmounted with a new shaft rising nearly 10' from ground level, quite plain in appearance and with short arms, identicle with what were presumed to have been the original proportions. The cross was erected in an embayment with a semi-circular stone seat around it, only 5 years from where it may have stood for 600 years. The Cross at Childwall would appear to have been a market cross; it is of great antiquity and its base is too big for a wayside cross.

    The picture below shows the cross base in 1915.

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    Wonderful information on the cross at Childwall, Cadfael. Many thanks.

    Christopher T. George
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    Thanks for the info Cadfael

    I knew the cross had been found in a field. the one next to the church i believe. never knew the other info. cheers mucka

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