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Thread: Why exploring building sites is a bad idea

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    Exclamation Why exploring building sites is a bad idea

    Although I'd never feel responsible if I inspired someone to go 'urban exploring' in building sites and they got injured (in the same way I wouldn't blame those who inspired me in the event of me hurting myself), it's good to remember that whilst safety is always a key consideration for site managers, things aren't always what they seem.

    Whilst exploring the apparently defunct L1 site in the Baltic Triangle, I decided to go to the bottom of a shaft to take a picture looking upwards. Climbing down the scaffolding, I wondered what the plastic sheeting was, but I took it for granted that underneath would be the concrete base of the shaft.


    By chance I decided that I'd hold onto the bar and swing down rather than jump, and just as well - the sheet was floating on two storeys of flooded lift shaft with little handholds, which would be no use if I was wrapped up in plastic sheeting underwater. My feet dipped into the plastic but I realised the error before letting go. After some frantic scrabbling, cursing the weight of my bag and using every bit of upper-body strength I have, I hauled myself back onto the comparitive safety of the scaffolding.

    The lesson learnt? Be very sure what you're going to land on before you jump. Not that I condone exploring building sites - in fact, it's a pretty silly thing to do (but it keeps me from getting bored) - but remember, whenever you stray from the beaten path to take some snaps, be careful!

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    Very lucky there.... Also a good idea to never go alone and if possible
    secure yourself with a rope, having said that I did a few explores on
    my own and apart from being chased by security, no serious probs

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    Thanks for posting your experiences Snappel. Lessons to be learned here, as a fan of your pics, its almost like you possess special powers, would be gutted if you ever seriously injured yourself.
    YO! Liverpool has taken me 10 years to develop and maintain.
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    Thank you

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    Hi snappel

    Glad to hear you are alright. Thanks for the warning. Not that I am likely to go urban exploring on building sites and on the tops of buildings as you and drone-pilot do. . . All power to you, lad, and again, glad you survived what could have been a tragic experience. As you say, best take care on building sites. . . appearances may be very deceptive!

    All my best

    Christopher T. George
    Editor, Ripperologist
    Editor, Loch Raven Review
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    Sounds like a quick decision to hold on to that bar literally saved your life. Two stories of water and wrapped up in plastic sheeting whilst sinking deeper and deeper with a heavy bag on your back. Certain death I'd say, and nobody would have found you down there at the bottom of a murky flooded lift shaft on an abandoned building site! You got very lucky. Good job you're experienced and didn't just hop down like a lot of people would of.

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    it is by a mackeral that you are with us today Snappel. We are relieved that this was a warning to you and that you will take precautions wherever you go from now on.

    Thanks for the pictures.

    And thanks be to sister dolly mixture and all angles that you lived to tell the tale.

    Bravo sir.

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