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Hi Gerrard
Your picture of the Waterloo dock gates remind me of a day not long after 9/11 when security got tighter down on the docks. My brother and I used to fish off that wall into the Mersey.I would arrive by bike from Kirkby and he would meet me there by car.
One night he left a bit early and by the time I left they had closed the dock gate so I was locked in.
The only way out was to carry my bike and with one hand swing around the railings to the half tide Princes dock,as the tide was out there was a 40 foot drop if I had fallen.

dock gates by exacta2a, on Flickr

This was taken a few years after

Hiya Joe mate..

Good pic that Joe, thanks for adding it with your story about being locked in..
I've seen that drop you are on about, with a bike as well ?... nutter...

I've a pic somewhere of the lads fishing over the wall, I'll add it when I find it..

Thanks again mate, keep up the great work Joe..


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For posterity.....


The last ever Stanley Dock Sunday Heritage Market on closing day..

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