As we're fast approaching All Hallows’ Eve [31st October], the time when night spirits, ghouls, demons and devils are at their most potent, to be forearmed, is to be forewarned! So let's prepare ourselves against this darkest of dark nights, and I invite you to consider...

What's Liverpool's Most Haunted Place?


Your contenders please...and don't forget to say why this particular place makes the hair on your neck stand to alert, and has you cowering in the corner?

1. For me, it's has to be that small passageway by St. Nicholas' church, beneath Tower buildings, close to the site of Merchants' Coffee House - a place of old sea captains, tales of distant shores, prize ship & slave shackle auctions, and in the shadow of the Tower of Liverpool and St Nic's graveyard. The place gives me the heebie jeebies and makes me come over all lily-livered.

Any others (or are you too scared?)