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Thread: Old Liverpool Railway Stations

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    Default st james station - back of cains

    does anyone have any info or pics of this long forgotten station?

    the only info i have is that it closed around 90(!) years ago and has been left ever since


    we took this picture a couple of months back and would be fascinated if anyone could shed some more light
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    This has fascinated me ever since I was kid, we used to travel into town on the train and they would always slow right down around this area and I would wonder about what it all was down there.

    There are steps down to the railway from high above all around there.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    Thank you

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    The facade of the station was still intact in the 70's at the junction of Parly and Park Place.
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    hi kev

    whilst we were looking around there we noticed that the doors were completely sealed.

    there is a mechanics that backs onto the side of the station, and I wonder if they could see more from their premises?

    there are also some flats overlooking it, if only we knew someone that lived there!!

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    there was a piece about the station in the echo a few years back, but my mum threw it away before i had a chance to read it! grrr

    mums eh?

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    I have been lurking for a few days and it is absolutely fabulous what you are doing here to make people aware of their history and ancestry.
    I joined after seeing the picture of St James Station and my boyfriend saying "See those steps, I have been down those hundreds of times"
    He works on the railway and has access to the platforms and an interesting series of rooms that originally would have housed the station master and other platform staff. The rooms are located on the left of the photograph under the arched bridge (called bridge 6 on the schematic) and apparently contain general rubbish left by railway staff. He has promised to take some pictures of the rooms and surrounding area next time he is on days.
    He thinks that if there was anything interesting such as signage or documents it would have been flogged by now but he will look anyway.

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