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Thread: Crosby Baths

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    Default Crosby Baths

    Went there a few times with the lads.


    The high diving board was a great feature but I can't forget the day a certain young lady attracted a large crowd swimming underwater nearby to her. It seems that the water made her white bikini bottoms transparent and there was I, soft Joe lending out my Joe 90 swimming goggles left, right and centre when I should have been renting them out (after a quick peep of course)

    I've done the Sefton Triathlon from the new sports centre and baths there, a couple of years ago.
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    Updated weekly with old and new pics.

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    I remember that place!, The main baths was great but i never liked the small baths which was inside a 'shed'.

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    I remember the old baths especially the High board I must be going back over 30 yrs since I went swimming there. I go to the new baths now with my grandchildren.
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    wow never thought i would see the old crosby baths again i miss it the new one is crap i used to remember swimming and seeing the reeds and beach out the windows felt so peaceful and mysterious as i was never allowed to see what was out there as my mum just walked toward the station once we left

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    Very good pics and information, Ged. Never went there myself but I know these photos will please a lot of people who did.

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    Ta very much for the photos- I got the strongest pang of nostalgia when I saw them. I lived about a half-hour's walk away off Endbutt Lane. I queued up for ages with my mates to get into the baths on the very day it opened. It was a very hot day, I recall. It was the flashest place imaginable to us kids at the time after the freezing old-style baths we were used to.
    Yes, that high board was amazing, as was the view out of the windows from it. I remember storms lashing against them while we were warm and snug inside. Did my first high dive from there, of sorts- after a couple of spectacular and painful belly flops! I don't remember ever being told off for mucking about up there- how we managed not to break our necks I don't know!
    I remember being very impressed at the time with the bath's cafe- I even (all of a sudden) remember how it smelled in there! It had lots of tanner-in-the-slot dispensing machines for drinks and sweets, which I don't think I'd ever seen before..
    The last time I went there, it was all looking very rusty. Lots of the lockers didn't work and it all seemed very run down. It was only many years later that I returned to Mariner's Road- to see the Gormley statues on the beach- and was amazed to see the new baths standing there in its place. Not been in the new place though. It seems much smaller...
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