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Thread: Wavertree Park / The Mystery

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    Quote Originally Posted by AlbertWmGosnall View Post
    I was searching for some back ground on the Liverpool Show which brought me to your posting. I don't know what became of the Liverpool Show, but I have a vivid memory of performing at the 1953 Royal Liverpool Show at Wavertree Park in Coronation Year.

    I was a raw recruit to the Royal Air Force doing my square bashing at West Kirby and was 'volunteered' into a PT squad who were drilled an trained for five weeks during our 8 week training course at RAF West Kirby. I cannot remember the date but probable about the middle of July. I was the smallest guy in the squad, and whilst OK with the standing exercises had some difficulty with the apparatus, but managed to develop a style of my own to get over them. On the day of the show we all trotted out and did our stuff. When we came to the apparatus work I was 'tail end charley' the others went over immaculately at some speed to much applause, then it was my turn and as I jumped up off the spring board my legs went high in the air and I pitter pattered my way over the 'horse' to great laughter from the crowd and applause, I then realised why I had made the team!!


    I became a pen friend of a lass from West Kirby. On completion of RAF service in 1956 I moved to West Kirby eventually in 1957 I was employed by British Railways in the Goods Department at Shore Road Birkenhead, then at Edgerton Dock in the time office where my colleague was a former Driver on the overhead railway up to itís closure. I had a flat in West Kirby, 1958 we married. Our first daughter was born in our second flat in Hoylake our second and third daughters were born at Birkenhead. My wife was employed at Rushworth
    and Dreapers and we had quite a few friends on Merseyside some of whom we are some 55 years later still in touch.
    Good post and welcome Albert.

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    I have heard on the BBC news just now that Wavertree is to play host to Nick Clegg and the Lib-Dem battle bus.

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