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Thread: Canada Dock Scrappy

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    Default Canada Dock Scrappy

    Popped in for a quick visit yesterday before going over to Gerard's house. Gerard mate, many thanks for your welcome and kindness. You really know how to look after a visitor


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    Your Welcome Dave,,Next time yer up ere just gimme a bell Lad..The Kettles on an I'll do yer one of me Toasties !!..
    So thats where yer got to Eh..Great photies as usual Dave..
    Sorry I couldn't go with yer Lad..Next time Deffo though..
    Eh..its like bein' a kid again all this sneakin in and outer Bombdies !!

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    More of a snapshot than anything else. Too busy taking pics of the Dry Dock and never noticed the ship behind me at first.
    It's the Panama registered bulk carrier New Fortune for all you ship spotters

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