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Thread: Can you find this old court?

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    Default Can you find this old court?

    Hi All

    My Grandfather was born and lived at St George Terrace on Comus Street.
    This was near to St Josephs church behind Gerard Gardens.

    He was born in 1912 and St George Terrace was one of the Courts off Comus Street. I can only find a couple of old maps of the area. and only a little bit of comus street. I would love to find it on a map. has anyone got any old ones who could look please.

    Do the central library have old maps?




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    I have a couple of old maps of Vauxhall and Kirkdale .. The publisher is http://www.alangodfreymaps.co.uk/ I remember getting the Kirkdale map from Bluecoats ..

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    The Record Office on the 4th floor of Central Library have all the old maps.
    You'll be able to buy the Alan Godfrey editions, but ask for the 1890 1/500 series. They're the largest scale maps they have and they will definitely show every court.
    You'll need to go in the Search Room, so take some identity because you'll get issued with a ticket.
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    Tony, I know you've mentioned this court to me before so I looked it up in the search room but no photos of it exist. I didn't check out the old maps though so next time i'm in there i'll ask. Comus Street was only short anyway but now they've redirected it on a curve through the new housing built to take the ex Gerard Gardens residents.

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    sorry mate, just read your post.
    St George's Terrace is highlighted. I scanned it from one of the Godfrey replica maps (Liverpool North 1906)

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    Dave you are a legend. Thank you so much.

    can i get a copy of this map anywhere? as i had ancestors all over this area. Rose Place, Richmond row and many more.

    Cheers to everyone for the help and Dave for the map

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