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Thread: Images of Wirral

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChrisGeorge View Post
    Thanks for the advice, Dave. I am these days more of a writer than a photographer and mostly take photographs (35 mm slides -- yes I am in the dark ages) for history presentations I give. I will soon though reacquire a scanner and post some of the shots of Liverpool in the Sixties and later that I took, some quite artsy, others mostly straightforward shots of historical buildings in the area that might be of interest to the denizens of the forum.

    Hiya Chris,
    I can't wait to see your 60's/later Liverpool pics. Seriously! I've got a knot in my stomach just thinking about them!

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    I'd love to see them too.

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    Aplogies for being dormant recently, I hope that these images that I have taken from around Birkenhead will make up for it!

    Birkenhead Park Auntumn can be a great time in Birkenhead Park, as this image shows!

    Birkenhead ParkI got this en-route to college; This is a great place to be in the morning sun!

    Rodney Street, Bhead This is one of a few strrets that run up the hill-side from Birkenhead Town Centre. You may be able to pick out some noticable landmarks of you look closely!

    Argyle Street, Bhead This is probably one of the most famous views Birkenhead has to offer and has been caught on many a occasion. Unity can be seen popping its head over the Gasometre on the right.

    Frodsham Street, Bhead This shot reminds me a little of Everton Ridge before all of it's houses got pulled down. Here, stairs have had to be installed so that people can get up and down the street!

    Olive Crescent, Bhead This scene does look better in the flesh, honest! Birkenhead Priory can be seen in the background with the black spire

    Olive Mount,Bhead What timeing was that! It was by sheer chance that I was able to get over to this position in time to see a rainbow arc toward the lantern if Paddy's Wigwam. It's only a shame the rainbow wasn't going into the lantern itself really! Now that would have been a picture then!

    Olive Mount, BheadI leave you with a close up of the previous image; Pretty chuffed with this to say the least!

    Hope you enjoyed a few images of Liverpool from angles that you have probably never seen before!
    Liverpool Suburbia@Flickr

    UPDATED 14JUN09 20 images added to Dovecot
    Last updated 26ARP09 (Aigburth)
    Apologies for the durge in updates!

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    Those pics are great Wallasey...very impressive.

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    Yes very good, all these quality pics give u a sense of being out when u are actually inside!!

    Brill and glad ur back
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