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Thread: Liverpool Today

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    Cadfael, just had a peek, when its all up and running its going to be superb.
    You have all the districts sorted.
    Don't envy you keeping it all updated

    Best of luck to you

    If you need anything from me, just call, I'm sure this goes for the majority on here too

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    Started the Old Swan Website:

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    Have just had a quick look at the site........and thought it really good and when I have some spare time will look forward to reading more of our history.

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    Unfortunately I can't take credit for any of the pics u've got on there.

    Good luck with the site, Cad

    I reckon George was only joking with his comment too

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    Hi Cadfael, Good luck with your new site. It sounds like a very interesting concept for a community based website. I like the idea of neighbourhood hubs. It could also be styled like apps. on the iPhone? [I hope Steve Jobs is not listening?]

    The ad. space, I think a few people have already commented on. Couldn't you assign some of the space, on individual pages, to each district? So to free up some space on the main front web-page?

    It'll be good to see a further mock-up, or trial, with some of the elements workings. That'll give us a better idea on how it will be used.

    Good luck,


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    Quote Originally Posted by Cadfael View Post
    Sorry to hear that George. You will find most of Liverpool's history and factual side in the District tab as that's where the main body of Liverpool is going. The front page gives you quick group together of the main news/weather websites and main places that you may use (i.e. hospitals).

    Maybe when one of the pages is complete under the Districts, you can come back and give your view again.
    You can advertise on a site without the whole page being crammed with it ie a headline banner can alternate between ads with a a few seconds period change.
    There are numerous freem ad banners code out there and in my opinion it would be worthwhile reducing the amount of ads on the homepage.

    No one wan'ts to have ads pushed in their face and certainly not be overwelmed with them and thats a fact,too many sites host ads and I for one am not interested in staying on the site longer than is necessary.

    Sorrys Cads but that is my opinion.

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