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Thread: Mersey Boats, Ships, Vessels and other floating things

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    17th October

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    17th October


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    17th October 2006 - last


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    Great pics. I don't understand the problem here. How is it "inappropriate"? - it's a ship in a dock.

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    Excellent pics Mr

    Agree with Howie, wtf is the problem with having a ship in the Albert Dock?

    A comment from another group I belong

    Paul's comments about the size of vessels in Albert Dock remind me of the days when HMS Eaglet was a floating

    naval establishment in Salthouse Dock (between Albert Dock and the dock road). She was basically a hull with a big shed on the top, flew the White Ensign and

    served as HQ of Mersey Division RNVR (later RNR). HMS Irwell performed the same function in Morpeth Dock, Birkenhead for the Royal Marine reserve - but she

    later crossed the river and was tied up alongside Eaglet. Both were replaced by the the now demolished "stone frigate" by the Waterloo Lock.


    they had a number of other vessels used for various forms of sea training which were kept in the Albert Dock - the largest of which was their minesweeper -

    the name HMS Mersey was passed from ship to ship but the one I remember in Albert Dock was an early Coniston class. There was also a steam pinnace known as

    HMS Rosie (but that may have been a nickname). I went to sea on both of them a few times with the reserve - but never without incident. On HMS Rosie (and I

    think one of her type is still in Albert Dock) we ran aground on the Devil's Bank opposite Otterspool and ended up being rescued by New Brighton


    On the minesweeper I remember a trip to Holyhead where the mayor came on board and there was a galley fire whilst he was on board. On

    another occasion we spent the whole of the weekend on board in Albert Dock because the engines wouldn't start. The warehouses were all semi-derelict but so

    well built they could not afford to demolish them but at that stage there was no money and no vision for what has transpired since. We were on the sunny side

    of the dock and, being sheltered from any breeze there might have been, we just frizzled all weekend.

    So .. there are historical precedents for large

    vessels than PLANET in the dock.


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